Rebel's poems

Rebel’s Poems Volume 2

I am so pleased to announce that Rebel’s Poems Volume 2 is available in Kindle and Paperback as of today.  This is volume of poetry and channeled messages covers 3 years of my life.  It is the first book I have self published that is available in two formats on the day it was accepted.

holy fire reiki

Holy Fire Heart

Holy Fire Heart was inspired when I was playing around with something completely non-metaphysical.  There was an old otterbox iPhone case that was just too plain.  I needed to use it for a short time.  I decided to paint something on the back of the case.  There were a few designs I played around with.

Creating Crystal Grids

If you are interested or called to crystals chances are you have seen some crystal grids online or in a store.  The crystal grids can range from the very simple to the hugely complex.  Don’t worry, creating crystal grids for your personal use is very simple.  It’s a personalized experience and whatever you build, as

learning tarot

Having Fun Learning the Tarot

When I decided to learn the Tarot I found there was a lot of information.  In the early stages of studying I stumbled upon away to help myself by having fun.  It was born from my love of reading the Harry Potter novels.  I wanted to see if there was an official Harry Potter Tarot


Our Gifts

I have known for a very long time that each my kids have some of my gifts. With one child it was apparent from birth and the other child it’s like a slow moving reveal. The eldest acknowledges it but largely ignores it. The other child enjoys exploring them on occasion, as much as teenage

Sending Reiki because of a Dream

I had a first last night… sending Reiki because of a dream. Through the night I kept having dreams about the area surrounding the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. I have not studied the event much but I have caught a few random documentaries on TV. My dream consisted of mostly images from those shows. I dreamed

amazing people

Amazing People

I had an amazing experience this morning of communication, understanding and finding common ground. I joined a local group of small business owners.  Even though I know my guides are constantly working to move me forward and put me in the place I need to be in that moment, I was surprised to find so


Channeling Gratitude

I sat down to do some channeling for myself. When I was done I flipped to the beginning of the journal. I started it over a year and a half ago. It is truly amazing how much has changed in and around me in that 19 month span. So much I have forgotten about which