Holy Fire II Reiki Levels I & II




This is a two day class to attune you into the energy healing modality of Holy Fire II Reiki I & II.

On the first day you will learn the beautiful spiritual healing of Reiki.  The class will include –

  • A First and Second Degree Reiki Manual
  • Explanation of what Reiki is
  • How Reiki works
  • A brief history of Reiki
  • Hand positions of Reiki
  • Methods of Body scanning
  • How to conduct a Reiki Session for yourself and others
  • Practice sessions

On the second day you will continue learning with Reiki Level II.  The class will include –

  • Reiki II Symbols
  • How to use them
  • Reiki Techniques including doing Distance Healing
  • Practice sessions

Each class begins at 9:00am and lasts till around 5:00pm with an hour for lunch, depending on class size.  It is a casual and friendly atmosphere where questions are welcomed.

Please bring a notebook, pen, and your First and Second Degree Reiki Manual.  If you do not have the manual, please inform me so that one can be provided for you.

*This class cannot be conducted via the internet.  You must be able to physically  join the class.  For questions contact me at rebel@rebelsdreams.com


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